Sing, Play, Grow is not currently offering parent/child music classes.  Please email if you would like to be updated when classes are offered.

What are Sing, Play, Grow! music classes?

Sing, Play, Grow! offers an excellent program of early childhood music and movement classes in the town of Brookline, Massachusetts.  In these unique classes children and their parents or caregivers sing along with real live guitar, ukulele, harmonica and African drum; play all kinds of percussion instruments; explore creative movement and dance; and engage with multi-sensory props. The goal is to grow each child’s musical potential in a fun, creative, and nurturing environment.

With over 12 years of experience as a teacher and performer, Philip Alexander makes music and movement come alive for children. Based on current research which shows that active music making benefits children’s development in the areas of language acquisition, gross motor coordination, and socialization, Sing, Play, Grow! is a joyous way for children and the adults who love them to bond with laughter, love, and music!

“Philip is very excited and enthusiastic!  He makes it fun to come to class and easy to engage and beactive.”

– Kristen M, Brookline

Classes Include…

• SONGS IN MANY GENRES — classic children’s nursery rhymes and sing-along songs are complemented by exposure to a wide variety of musical styles: folk, jazz, blues, Cajun, classical and more!

• DANCES AND CREATIVE MOVEMENT — stretch, bounce, shake, jump, skip, gallop, and dance in a happy circle!

• LIVE INSTRUMENTS — Philip plays guitar, harmonica, handbells, dulcimer, djembe drum, ocarina, and more.

• PERCUSSION INSTRUMENTS FOR CHILDREN TO PLAY — Drums, tambourines, maracas, shakers, bells and boomwhackers.  What are boomwhackers? Enroll and find out!

• EXCITING PROPS — Every child (and adult too) loves songs and games that include the parachute, the giant stretchy band or the colorful scarves.

“We sing and play instruments all the time. Cole now makes up his own words, rhythms and songs!”

– Julie K

“I love music class and want it to never end!”

– Cole, age 3

Two Class Offerings

• Good Morning Music!

Mixed Age Class, infant to age 4 with parent or caregiver.  Sing, play, grow… laugh and dance with your child! Your family’s musical life expands as your child experiences the magic of making music.  Young children experience the wonder of rhythm, rhyme, melody and harmony presented by a warm and gentle teacher expertly playing live instruments.  Children also learn by watching their peers and, for some, this is their first group social experience!  The musical bond parents and caregivers build with their children in the class environment continues at home with the take home CD.

• Song, Snack & Storytime

Preschool Age Class, 3 to 5 years with parent or caregiver (younger siblings allowed). We sing old favorites while adding new songs to our repertoire, including Philip’s originals and songs by great children’s artists such as Tom Chapin, Ella Jenkins and Ruth Pelham. We play dancing games like “Frog in the Bucket” and “Jump Jim Joe”. And each week we share a snack while listening to Philip tell a funny story. Each family takes a turn bringing in a simple snack (carrot sticks, apple slices, cookies, etc.) for all to share.

This class continues to build a strong musical foundation and is a perfect bridge between toddler classes and instrumental lessons. (Lessons don’t usually start until a child is between 5 and 8 years old.)  Each week we highlight musical concepts such as dynamics, tempo, range, and meter, and introduce advanced rhythm patterns, solfege, call and response singing, rhythmic part playing, and elementary dance steps.  Children love the class because of all the funny ‘big kid’ songs and games, hand-on instrument time, puppetry and storytelling, and – of course – the snacks!

Here’s What Parents Are Saying

“Dear Philip, Thank you for taking the time and effort to develop such a fantastic program. Charley loved every minute of it and gained not just a great intro to music but also improved language, social skills, and confidence.”

– Anna C

“Philip is an awesome entertainer and fabulous at bringing it out in the kids (and adults!).  We love the combo of on your feet and more quiet experiences.  We love the LIVE instruments Philip plays – guitar, clay flute, dulcimer and more!  We love the experimentation and magic!”

– Polly M

“Because of your energy and talent Tyler spends hours playing with his instruments at home. Thanks for all of your creativity and hard work”

– Jaime T

“My three children love the music from all the CD’s.  We listen and have dance time every night!”

– Emily G

“I was surprised to hear my son singing the tonal patterns in his bed or when he was playing quietly – I didn’t think he would get into that part of the class… I feel so lucky to have had a real music experience with Philip. It was unlike some other programs where anyone can teach a class (even those who shouldn’t!)…  The music variety is great! Philip’s ability to mix everything together is incredible – I can’t wait for class!”

– Lisa M

“Philip has a ton of energy!  He also has a really good rapport with the children.  They really love him! I like the way Philip brings in a variety of instruments and plays them.  I also like that there is a lot of movement and activity in class.”

– Julie D

“I want to tell you that your music and the music from your class made a huge difference in our lives, and, especially last night. Olivia came down with a horrible stomach virus and was admitted to the hospital last night. Because she was so dehydrated, the nurses had a lot of trouble with the IV. It took 5 tries, 5 different nurses. The only thing that kept Olivia calm during the process was me singing “Pajamas in the Bahamas”, “You are my sunshine” and “This little light of mine” in her ear while I held her still on the hospital bed.”

– Lori N

“Philip is outstanding! Sophie loves watching him sing, dance and play instruments in class.  As Sophie has improved her muscle tone, her ability to play instruments and explore her musical abilities has increased, as well as her confidence.  Music has become part of our daily routine: at home, in  the car, with friends. It’s an integral part of our child’s world.”

– Mother of  2 year old Sophie, diagnosed with autism

“James and Izzy have really enjoyed your music class this year. It’s clear that they have developed a strong love of music, singing, and dancing from spending time with you each week.”

– Jessie A

“Philip is an excellent teacher and quite kind and enthusiastic.  We love him!”

– Beth K

Enroll your child in Sing, Play, Grow! with Philip Alexander and give the gift of music.  

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