Birthday Parties

For ages 1 to 7

At birthday parties with Philip Alexander, kids shake maracas, ring bells, tap drums, laugh, sing, and dance.  Philip’s unique ability to engage the whole crowd gets the kids and adults on their feet---- even Grandma and Grandpa!  Of course, the birthday girl or boy receives extra special attention, making the day unforgettable.  Everyone is joyful, energized by music and celebrating your child’s special day. Children love music and everyone loves birthday parties with Philip!

"The party was great.  Gabe told me he was 'so happy today that Philip came to my party!'"

- Leslie Cohen, Brookline

"Thanks so much for the great party!  We all had so much fun. I have heard from several parents that their children are now singing your songs.  Finley and I have been dancing around to "Sticking to You" ever since the party."

- Heather Weeks, Salem

The FUN-WITH-MUSIC Show lasts approximately 45-50 minutes and includes:

Philip engages the crowd with a variety of instruments--- guitar, bamboo flute, ocarina, harmonica, chimes, dulcimer, kazoo and more.
Philip’s wide repertoire includes many children’s favorites as well as folk, rock, world music, catchy originals and, of course, the birthday boy or girl’s best loved tunes.
From the hokey pokey to jazz parades, Philip gets kids (and big kids too!) shaking, wiggling, strutting and moving to all kinds of rhythms and beats.
Every child (and adult!) loves songs and games that include the parachute, the giant stretchy band or the colorful scarves.
All your party guests can make music along with Philip--- with drums, tambourines, maracas, shakers, bells and more there’s something for everyone to play.
Customize your party by sending a request list in advance.  Philip can liven up just about any party theme with music: animals, trains, trucks, princesses, superheroes and more.

"I just want to thank you again for such an amazing and memorable party. You were totally engaging and creative, not at all manic, super fun, laid was perfect. I was really impressed with all the different ways you involved the kids-- dancing, games, singing, instruments, and the piece de resistance-- the popcorn parachute. I'm really grateful."

- Maxine Alchek, Newton

"Pratham listens to your music everyday, no kidding! He demands it on his way back home from school, and, whenever we have friends riding with us, he proudly says, "Dis my paaty shong!"
- Rupali Patil, Boston

The EXTRA-FUN-TIME Show lasts approximately 90 minutes, and features a variety of exciting additional options:


•  MUSIC GAMES and LINE DANCES WITH DJ PHIL!  Macarena, Cotton Eyed Joe, YMCA, musical chairs, freeze dance, parachute games, and more! Kids love this too! Philip provide PA system.  Great for large parties (20 kids or more) and for school  age children.
•  INSTRUMENT MAKING CRAFT PROJECT available by special request.  Ideal for smaller parties (up to 20 children)
•  INSTRUMENT PETTING ZOO –  HANDS ON! Kids get to try boomwhackers, big drums, rainsticks, digiridoo and more! Imagine your child playing Beethoven on the dulcimer - really!
•  LIVE ACOUSTIC GUITAR AND VOCAL MUSIC – 60’s + 70’s: Beatles, James Taylor, C,S&N, etc.  Your adult guests will appreciate this!

"Last January we had you perform at my son's birthday party. The party was so much fun and everyone loved your performance so much that we would like to do the same party for his birthday this year!"

- Andrea Pool, Waltham

"I just wanted to thank you again for playing at Grady's party. You were wonderful. The kids all had a great time, and all the parents commented on how good you were with the kids. I'll sing your praises when anyone I know is having a kid's birthday party and looking for entertainment!"

- Lisa White, Milton

"As usual…thank you for a really super day for the children and adults alike. It was the “best part” of the day for both Sarah and Beppe! I hope we can enjoy you again next year.  I can’t thank you enough for making our party special!"

- Jane Davis, Cambridge

Include Philip in your child’s next birthday and create a memory that will last a lifetime!  Book early to guarantee the date and time of your choice.

Pricing varies according to location, date & time, size, and program chosen. Call or email for your personalized quote. Be sure to include your location (city or town), preferred date and time, and possible alternate date(s)/time(s) in your message.