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Music Enrichment Programs

For over 12 years, thousands of children in preschools, kindergartens, elementary schools and summer programs in the Greater Boston area have sang, danced, laughed and made music with Philip Alexander!  The “Sing, Play, Grow” music enrichment program is hands-on and emphasizes mastery of rhythm, rhyme,  and melody through the use of a wide repertoire that incorporates traditional American folk, world music, and Philip’s best loved original songs.  Children are delighted by the live harmonica, guitar, djembe drum, dulcimer, ukulele, bamboo flute and more!

Fine motor and gross motor coordination are developed through fingerplays and  movement songs.  Individual dances foster creativity and body awareness, while partner and group dances encourage socialization and provide a joyful outlet for the enormous energy generated when a class full of kids gets up to do the “Jump Jim Joe”, “The Sticky Dance” or “The Animal Hokey Pokey!”

Children of all ages enjoy playing the amazing variety of percussion instruments which Philip brings for them try at each visit.  Ranging from standards such as shaker eggs, jingle bells, triangles, hand drums and tambourines; to large REMO gathering drums; rainsticks; ocean drums; to Latin instruments such as maracas, guiros and cabasas; to pitched hand bells and xylophones—  all are quality instruments which allow children to create, hear and feel their own rhythms .  Equally valuable are the props which engage children’s hands and bodies to interact with the music: colorful scarves, rolling balls, giant stretchy band, and large parachute.

Puppetry and storytelling round out Philip’s program and keep kids clamoring for more!  It is truly delightful to see children howling with laughter at the antics of Allie the Alligator or Fuzzy Brown Bear and Little Rabbit.  And all the while they are gaining language through rhymes, and, exploring seasonal themes such as “Hibernation” or “Spring-time awakening”.  All the programs are based on current research which clearly shows that active music making can benefit children’s cognitive, social, and physical development.  All programs can be integrated to fit with a school or camp “Theme of the Week” (or Month),  and teachers or counselors are provided with CD’s to facilitate learning and participation.  “Sing, Play, Grow with Philip Alexander” is a well rounded offering that provides a critical music education component to a day school, after school or summer camp program.  Kids and teachers love it!

Some of Philip’s clients include:

  • The Brookline Early Education Program, an inclusionary, literacy based, research supported preschool program used as a model nationally and now internationally too!
  • Mountainside Child Care Center in Framingham
  • The Child Development Center in Medford
  • The John Hancock Child Care Center
  • Regis College Children’s Center and Kindergarten Academy
  • Summer At Park – Summer camp for grades K-2 in Brookline, MA
  • Morse Community School in Cambridge – elementary age after school and summer camp programs
  • The Swampscott Extended Day Program
  • The North Andover Extended Day Program
  • Birthday Wishes – providing birthday parties in Homeless Shelters
  • Bright Horizons of Charlestown and Cambridge



“Philip is beloved by the Commonwealth Children’s Center community for his inventive approach to music and movement. The children are often seen playing guitar in the block area ‘pretending to be Philip’! Philip’s amazing music is an important part of our curriculum.”
– Beth Sagan , Executive Director, Commonwealth Children’s Center, Boston , MA

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