Tales of Wonder!
A Musical Storytelling Show

Mountains Of Toys!  Wisecracking Rabbits! Dancing Bananas! SAY WHAT?!!?  Your kids will love it! Philip performs whimsical original and folkloric stories with humor, flair and soundscapes to spark the imagination.   Each tale has call-and-response or song and movement built-in to provide plenty of opportunities for audiences to join in and become part of the story
All Ages

Philip is a well-loved music teacher/performer in Brookline.  He can work with any age group focusing on music, storytelling and/or a combination.  For our library, he performed his “Tales Of Wonder” program which was attended by over 120 adults and children. His musical stories get the children dancing, jumping and spinning around! I’ve heard rave reviews about him for years and after seeing him tell stories, sing and play a multitude of instruments yesterday: I can vouch for their accuracy!
– Paula Sharaga, Children’s Librarian, Coolidge Corner Library, Brookline MA

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